Month: October 2018

Reflecting on Wild

Strayed’s memoir Wild explores the author’s descent and rise after the death of her mother. This was the event that set a girl who was moored to her mother adrift, to discover that she needed to stand on her own. After beginning to spiral out of control with extramarital affairs and flirting with heroin, she …

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Kickball and Milky Way

I was walking by the kickball field, just before passing “Ranger Rock” in front of the early-teen boy’s Ranger unit. I was in a particularly good mood, but I can’t remember why. It’s entirely possible it was about a girl, but I don’t think it was… I just remember thinking about how beautiful it was out there in the dark as …

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Squirrel Sex

I was walking down the path at the park and noticed two squirrels having sex just next to the path. It dawned on me that I couldn’t figure out why that’s not appropriate for humans?  I’m NOT AT ALL advocating that people do this in public, but I noticed that I didn’t judge the squirrels. …

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